Todays word comes from THE FISHERMEN by Chigozie Obioma


ADJECTIVE denoting a task that can never be completed. synonyms: futile · pointless · purposeless · impractical · vain · in vain · to no purpose · to no avail · unavailing · bootless · nugatory · hopeless · unusable · ineffectual · inefficacious · impotent · fruitless · unprofitable · profitless · unproductive · unachievable · Sisyphean · unworkable · broken · kaput · unserviceable · junky · inutile antonyms: useful · beneficial


The word Sisyphean comes from Greek Mythology. Sisyphus was the King of Ephyra. He was punished by the gods for his hubris and deceitfulness. Every day he was forced to roll an enormous boulder to the top of a hill only for it to roll back down once he reached the top. For eternity he continually rolled the boulder up the hill. Therefore today the word Sisyphean is used to describe a task or project that can never be completed.

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